Proof of Service

Process Server | GPS, Date, & Time Stamped Photos | Dash-Cam Video

GPS, Date, & Time Stamped Photos 📷

Updated for 2020

Even the most basic smartphone and a free camera app can become an immensely powerful tool for a Process Server. Here you'll find examples of photos and video used to provide Proof of Service beyond the Notarized Affidavit of Service.

The name of the Process Server, physical address and GPS co-ordinates, date, & time are stamped onto the photo and independently verified by Google! Click the example link below, then click on the image & view the file information.

While GPS Logging for Process Servers isn't required, our goal is to provide complete transparency.

Today's residents often employ inexpensive home security cameras. In 2019 a Florida Process Server was Fired for falsely reporting Service of Legal Process. Our use of GPS photos as an integral part of the attempt log precludes the possibility of making these types of "mistakes."

Accidents Will Happen

Examples of GPS, Date, and Time Stamped Photos

These photos also help when you get rear-ended on the highway! At a glance the damage doesn't seem all that significant, but looks can be deceiving.

The repair total on 12/27/2019 was $5,227.87

Dash-Cam Video

Unfortunately, this post is also a great example of why it's important to be sure that the process serving company you work with is properly insured.

#CarCrash #Dash-Cam

Distracted Driving

Examples of GPS, Date, and Time Stamped Photos

In this photo you'll see that the other driver's vehicle is nearly intact, missing only its front license plate. It appeared that the driver was distracted.