ROC Paper Service is Rochester, NY's Premier Process Serving Company

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Committed To Customer Service

"I opened ROC Paper Service after several years of working as a private contractor with other local Process Servers, some of whom had been serving legal paper in Rochester, NY for decades. I'm grateful for the experience provided with each opportunity to Serve, and I look forward to working with you also!" - Scott J Campanella

Answering The Call

While even the most basic smartphone can become an enormously powerful tool for a Process Server, it won't matter if the actual phone (call) goes unanswered. Our goal is to ensure that no call goes to voicemail, but ... if by chance your call is missed, it will be returned momentarily.

In the event that your phone number has been unintentionally flagged as a "spam number" by new & developing spam blocker software employed by carriers and providers, please use the secure form to provide information or send an email ... and expect a follow-up call very shortly thereafter.

Uncommon Courtesy

Today's respondent may be tomorrow's petitioner ... and vise-versa! Professional Process Servers understand that all parties are to be treated with equal respect and without judgment.

While as Process Servers we must describe the documents we've Served when completing an Affidavit of Service, we usually don't bother to read too far into them.