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Have You Been Served?

Serving legal paper can be a daunting task at times, due in part to the varied reactions people have when receiving paperwork. Depending on the circumstances, people may react through a range of emotions from pure joy to petulance, and in rare instances, physical violence.

Professional Process Servers undergo continuing education and training through local and national associations like NAPPS (the National Association of Professional Process Servers) and NYSPPSA (the New York State Professional Process Server Association). While tactical training is vital, practical (sales) training is critical to success.

There are of course technical / legal aspects regarding what constitutes a "good Serve," and dozens of tiny details which can render efforts moot. Most people aren't aware of the law regarding Service of Process, and some honestly believe that they can simply say "I refuse to accept," refuse to open the door, or misrepresent (lie about) their identity.

The phrase "You've Been Served" is used only as a last resort, meant to abruptly end all conversation; to inform the respondent that nothing further can be said or done to change the fact that they are in receipt of their documents.

"I never say those three words until there's nothing else I can say." - Scott J. Campanella (Owner / Process Server)

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