$65.00 USD


Business | Corporate | Government

Service upon a business inside of Monroe County; including but not limited to retail locations, industrial complexes, houses of worship, medical facilities, corporate offices, or government agencies.


Subsequent Corporate Service

Service upon either multiple respondents at the same place & time and / or multiple cases completed during the same trip are billed at 50% off!


Witness Fee Checks

Witness Fee Checks are available to include with your Subpoenas ($5.00/ea). Please specify the name and amount exactly as it should appear on the check.


$85.00 USD


Personal & Substitute Service

Service of Legal Process upon an individual at home, whether the documents can be left with a cohabitant or if they must be delivered in hand to the respondent.

A minimum of three (3) attempts, on three (3) different days, at three (3) different times of day is required.


Subsequent At-Home Service

Service upon either multiple respondents at the same place & time and / or multiple cases completed during the same trip are billed at 50% off!

Alternative Service

"Nail & Mail"

$55.00 USD


Single Trip

A Process Server will place the documents in a sealed envelope addressed to the respondent marked "Personal and Confidential" and affix it to the door.

USPS Postage included as required.

Court Filing

$55.00 USD


Single Trip

A Process Server will retrieve your document(s) and file or deliver them to to their destination. A stamped receipt will be provided where applicable.

Records Request

$75.00 USD


Multiple Trips

Includes up to two requests; in-person visit to submit, and the return trip(s) to retrieve them once prepared. Third party printing & postage IS NOT included.

Landlord Tenant Notices

$75.00 USD


Pay or Quit & Lease Terminations

L&T Notices such as a 14 Day Notice to Pay or Quit or a 30 / 60 / 90 Day Notice of Lease Cancellation. Includes up to three (3) named tenants per/address!


Local Property Managers

Maintain 25 rental units or more and pay by corporate check to receive 10% off!

Notice of Petition & Petition

$125.00 USD


Includes Court Filing of Affidavit of Service

Strict deadlines for Service and the additional task of filing the signed & notarized affidavit directly with the court require particular attention to detail.

Property Condition Report

$55.00 USD


Vacancy Confirmation

Includes as many GPS date & time stamped photos of the property as make sense to capture, as well as a written description of the condition of the property.

Notice of Sale

$55.00 USD


Posting in Three (3) Public Places

Postings may be located in (but not limited to); County Clerk's Offices, Towns' Hall, United States Post Offices, Local Libraries, Community Centers, etc.

Sale Attendance

$75.00 USD


Foreclosure Sale(s)

With a bid sheet, the Notice of Sale, and Surplus Monies Form, a Process Server will arrive early, follow instructions, and capture all sale information.

Extended Service Area

+ $45.00 USD


The Greater Rochester NY Area

While our local Service Area is Monroe County, we doΒ  cover the surrounding counties of Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca, Wayne, and Yates.


Nationwide Service of Process

We Serve America with the help of fellow NAPPS (National Association of Professional Process Servers) and NYSPPSA (New York State Professional Process Server Association) members.

Mobile Printing

+ $110.00 USD


Immediate Response

When there's no time to spare, a local Process Server will print your documents from the road and proceed to the destination for an immediate first attempt.

Same Day / Next Day

+ $55.00 USD


Priority Service of Process

24-48 Hour Response ensures that a local Process Server will make a first attempt before the end of the following business day upon receipt of documents.

Remain On-Site

$110.00 USD / HR


Sit & Wait

Depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary to spend hours at a time waiting for the right opportunity to Serve an evasive respondent.

Document Retrieval

$55.00 USD


Scan to PDF

For local law firms, property management companies, and pro se clients with original paperwork needing to be retrieved & scanned prior to Service .

Locating an Individual

+ $45.00 USD


Online Records Search

Search for updated address information; including but not limited to online directories, social media platforms, employment websites, and search engines.


Bad Address

Includes following up on three (3) addresses total; speaking with neighbors, reaching out to family, friends, and colleagues.


Looking for a Notary Public?

You can also visit the Bausch & Lomb Public Library's main information desk! Ask for a Notary Public and a one (1) hour parking pass for the Court Street or South Avenue garages. You'll also find business class document scanners, laser printers, desktop computers, wi-fi, helpful Librarians, and much more!

In a hurry? Most bank and credit union branch locations have one or more notaries on-site!