Eviction Notices | Service of Process


Notice to Pay or Quit

If it's been at least five days since the rent was due, a property owner or manager may provide their tenant(s) with a notification, such as overdue invoice or a letter including the particular details; via USPS Certified Mail (no signature required) indicating that rent is past due. A Process Server may then begin making attempts to Serve the tenant(s) with a 14 Day Notice to Pay or Quit or other similar Landlord / Tenant (L&T) Notice.

Serving an eviction notice requires that the same third party individual make up to three (3) attempts, on three (3) different days, at three (3) different times of day, within a seven (7) day period. 

USPS First Class and Certified Mail is included with no hidden fees, as are signed & notarized Affidavit(s) of Service for up to three named tenants per address.

IMPORTANT: Property Managers may be considered "a party to the action" when Serving an eviction notice to their tenants directly.  L&T Notices must be Served in the same manner in which a Notice of Petition & Petition is Served.


Notice of Petition & Petition

Service must occur between seventeen (17) & ten (10) days before the scheduled court date, with short deadlines to notarize & file the Affidavit of Service. Within the City of Rochester, paperwork must be submitted and the fee paid before eviction services may begin, while surrounding areas provide a court date and collect the fee afterward.

Property managers are encouraged to recommend us to their preferred attorney or law firm.

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For  warrant(s) of eviction, contact your local County Sheriff's Civil Bureau.