Eviction Notices & Service of Process

Tenant Evictions in Rochester NY


Learn About The Eviction Process

The New York State Bar Association (Real Property Law Section) and the New York State Unified Court System offer guides for landlords who intend to pursue the eviction process on their own:

They also provide a guide specifically for Tenant Questions & Answers In Nonpayment Eviction Cases, as does the New York Attorney General's Office (Tenant Rights). Advocacy groups also provide some tenants with legal resources and representation, leaving landlords with few & costly options.


Get Help With Evictions in Rochester NY

If you have specific questions about how to evict a tenant in Rochester NY or need help evicting a tenant, please don't hesitate to contact us directly by phone, text, or email. If you're already working with an eviction attorney in Rochester NY, just let us know who & we'll be happy to help!

Free Eviction Forms For Landlords

Whether you're pursuing a residential or commercial eviction for non-payment of rent or providing Notice of Termination / Lease Non-Renewal, we have just what you'll need:

We encourage landlords & property managers to review the information we've provided at Flower City Process and client testimonials before sending PDF copies of notices.


Employee Relations

While some property management companies still require maintenance or other staff to Serve late rent notices upon their tenants, most now realize that employees may be considered "a party to the action" and choose us to be their preferred third party Service provider.

Landlords & Property Managers with multiple units qualify for bulk rate / discounted pricing.

Lease Violations

If your tenants present a danger to the surrounding area or are engaged in illegal activities, your local County Sheriff's Department Civil Bureau may also be able to help.