Process Server | Client Collaboration


24x7 Updates

As attempts are updated you'll find digital photos containing the GPS coordinates, date, time, and the name of the Process Server stamped onto the image.

All documents & GPS date & time stamped photos are securely stored online in perpetuity.


Providing Your Paperwork

The fastest way to submit any request for Service is to provide your documents and instructions in a PDF attachment along with your contact details and any other helpful information. You'll receive a quick reply informing you that your documents have been received, and a follow up message will provide billing & tracking information.

Providing original unscanned documents may result in a per/page fee added to your invoice.

PRO TIP: Your mobile device, a document scanning app, and good lighting may save you a trip to the copy shop (and your local library can help at no charge) if you don't have access to a scanner at home.


Access To Facilities

Property managers requesting Service for larger buildings equipped with security doors must provide reasonable access to the interior of the building to ensure proper Service of Process.


Billing & Tracking Information

You'll receive a link to your job info page and PayPal invoice with details about the Service requested, the documents provided, stored in a secure cloud storage with no download or plugin required; no need to set up or keep track of any new software, and no need to wonder what's happening or wait for a follow-up call. Our goal is to put you in control, and to provide complete transparency.


Information Gathering

In order to provide the best possible outcome , we ask for as much detail as possible regarding the respondent(s). Such information may include (but is not limited to) work & social schedule, a physical description, photo(s) and social media profiles, vehicle(s) they drive, last known addresses, etc.

When a Process Server encounters a bad address, they will attempt to obtain updated information regarding the respondent's whereabouts. This may include (but is not limited to) interviewing the current residents and neighbors, as well as searching for relatives and assocaites.


Signed & Notarized Affidavits

The original signed & notarized Affidavit of Service (or the original filed / stamped copy thereof) will be mailed to the client via USPS upon completion.


How To Get Started


Call the number on our contact page to confirm Rush Service if needed; or with other questions.


Scan your documents into a PDF file.


Submit your documents for Service along with any special instructions by email.


Use the PayPal Buttons on our pricing page, or wait for confirmation that your documents have been received and use the customized invoice link provided.