Ensuring the Best Possible Outcome

Real Time Updates by Email

Communication Is Key 📡

There are two convenient ways to request Service of Legal Process with no hidden fees;

A) Make copies of your documents & mail to:

620 Park Ave 103

Rochester, NY 14607

B) Send PDF copies by Email or secure form.

Seize The Opportunity 🛰️

In order to provide the best possible outcome , we ask for as much detail as possible regarding the respondent(s) they've asked us to Serve. Such information may include (but is not limited to) home & work addresses, a physical description, photo(s) and social media profiles, vehicle(s) they drive, other known locations of family, friends, or favorite venue(s).

Access to Information 💻

Once your information has been received, a Job Info Page with details about the Service(s) requested, the documents provided, as well as a link to your corresponding PayPal Invoice (due on receipt) will be returned to you. Unless you request real-time updates by email (which gets overwhelming quickly), your job file will contain updates made within 24 hours.

Files are stored in a secure cloud directory. You'll receive 24x7 access with no download or plugin required. There's no need to set up or keep track of any new software, and no need to wonder what's happening or wait for a follow-up call. Our goal is to put you in control, and to provide complete transparency.

24x7 Updates ⌨️🖱️

As attempts are updated you'll find Proof of Service; including images containing the physical address & GPS coordinates, date, time, and the name of the Process Server stamped on the image. These photos are uploaded to "the cloud" in real-time and independently verified by Google!

Proper Documentation 🧾

Upon completion of service, a signed & notarized Affidavit of Service will be scanned, emailed, and filed or postal mailed within one (1) to three (3) business days (as required).