GPS Date and Time Stamped Photos

Turn your mobile device into an evidence collecting machine!


Tools Of The Trade

Even the most basic mobile device with a free camera app can be an enormously powerful tool.

Documenting your travels: A camera with GPS can be used to document your travels. You can use the GPS data to create a map of your travels, or to track your progress along a specific route. This can be helpful for tracking mileage, planning future trips, or for sharing your travels with others.

Identify locations in your photos: If you're ever not sure where you took a photo, the GPS data can be useful for finding your way back to a particular spot or for identifying the location of a photo.

Eliminate "Sewer Service"

In 2019 a Florida Process Server was FIRED for falsely reporting Service of Legal Process because diligent homeowners with home video camera footage were able to demonstrate that the Process Server wasn't where they said they were.

Fight Photos With Photos

Use photos as evidence: If you need to prove that you were somewhere at a certain time, the GPS data in your photos may be used as evidence. This could be useful in legal cases or in insurance claims.

We provide GPS date & time stamped photos with each attempt to Serve legal documents.

Document activity at an address: When multiple attempts are required, we document any subtle signs of life that may occur from one trip to the next.

We also take careful note of any home security systems and identify ourselves (hold the folder with the paperwork up to the camera where it can be seen).

Accidents Will Happen

Example of a GPS, Date, and Time Stamped Photo

GPS enabled photos also help when you get rear-ended on the highway! At a glance the damage doesn't seem all that significant, but looks can be deceiving.

The repair total on 12/27/2019 was $5,227.87

Dash-Cam Video

Unfortunately, this post is also a great example of why it's important to be sure that the Process Server you work with is properly insured.

#CarCrash #DashCam

Distracted Driving

Example of a GPS, Date, and Time Stamped Photo

In this photo you'll see that the other driver's vehicle is nearly intact, missing only its front license plate. It appeared the driver was distracted.


How They're Made

A Step-By-Step Guide For Capturing GPS Date & Time Stamped Photos

Screenshot of Open Camera in Google Play Store

Download Camera App w/GPS Capabilities.

Screenshot within Open Camera Settings for Location Data

Adjust settings to enable storing of Location Data.

Screenshot of Open Camera Settings for updating photos to include the GPS date and time stamped onto the photos.

Update Photo Settings to Stamp digital images.

Sample job folder, face mask, and a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Confirm the information is stamped on the photo.

Screenshot of the photo of the sample job folder uploaded to Google Photos.

Allow Google Photos to upload the image.

Screenshot of a sample GPS date and time stamped photo with Google Maps information included.

Click on the photo to confirm that Google properly interpreted the GPS data contained within the uploaded image file.

Screenshot of a sample GPS date and time stamped photo with Google Maps information shared with an encrypted link.

Share image from within Google Photos.

Screenshot of creating a link to share an image in Google Photos.

Create link to image.

Example of an encrypted link to share from within Google Photos.

Copy link to image.

Once the image(s) has a link an encrypted link from within Google Photos associated with it, the image may be archived (but not deleted).

If you'd like to serve legal paper with us, send a link to your sample GPS date & time stamped photo (shared from Google Photos) as shown.