Notice of Sale | Foreclosure Sale Attendance

Before a foreclosed property can be sold at auction, a Notice of Sale must be posted in three (3) public places nearby.

Notice of Sale

A Process Server will post your Real Estate (real property) Notice of Sale in three (3) public places. ROC Paper Service provides additional Proof of Service by including GPS, Date & Time stamped photos with email updates regarding the locations of each posting.


These postings may be places in (but not limited to) the following locations: County Clerk's Office, Town Hall, United States Post Office, Local Library, Community Center, etc.

When a foreclosed home is sold at auction, sellers work with a local Process Server to represent their interests at the sale.

Foreclosure Sale Attendance

A Process Server will print one (1) bid sheet, three (3) copies of the Notice of Sale, and three (3) copies of the Surplus Monies Form. Those documents will be brought to the auction of a foreclosed property, and the appropriate bid(s) will be made on behalf of the bank or mortgage company.

Sale Information

A detailed accounting of the sale including (but not limited to) start time, end time, contact information of each bidder, exact bids placed, and payment details will be provided by email upon completion of the sale. One (1) copy of any documents signed will be returned to the bank or mortgage company in a self-addressed shipping envelope.