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Avoid Legal Consequences

When the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 went into effect, New York State adopted very specific laws and procedures that must be adhered to when pursuing an eviction of a residential or commercial tenant. Evictions must be performed in a very specific manner to avoid legal consequences for property managers.

After a twenty-two (22) month eviction moratorium, property owners can't afford any more mistakes.

Five days after rent is past due and a landlord/owner has notified the tenant by USPS Certified Mail, a Notice to Pay or Quit can then be Served in same manner in which a Notice of Petition is Served (by an independent third party who is not "a party to the action").

Serving a Legal "Notice to Pay or Quit" improperly can be a critical component of defense for a Tenant who claims they've been evicted illegally, and may expose both the Owner and Property Manager to claims of Landlord Harassment. Using a Notice that hasn't been properly Served as the basis on which to request a Hearing could be construed as Filing a Fake Eviction Against the Tenant.

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When evicting a tenant becomes necessary, put our experience to work for you right away and save big. The total for up to three named tenants is $65.00/per address, mileage and postage INCLUDED!

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A link to your Job Info Page(s) and corresponding PayPal Invoice will be included in our reply email. It will contain details about the Service(s) requested, the documents provided, notes and special instructions, and a link to your cloud storage directory.

GPS Date & Time Stamped Photos

As attempts are updated you'll find Proof of Service; links to photos with the address & GPS coordinates, date, time, and the name of the Process Server stamped directly onto the image.

Up to Three (3) Attempts

If a tenant or suitable person can't be reached, the notice will be placed in a printed & sealed envelope marked "PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL" for the "RESPONDENT(S)" and "AND ALL OTHER TENANTS," within 24 hours of the same Notice being affixed to the door.

Prompt Proof of Service

You'll receive a scanned copy of the signed & notarized Affidavit of Service before it's mailed to you. Should you need to request a hearing, you may be asked by the court to produce the original copy.

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Mileage and Postage INCLUDED!

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Review our Collaboration page & Contact details, and choose how you'd like to provide us with your Notices to Pay or Quit. You'll receive a reply indicating that billing & tracking information will follow.

For Property Owners & Managers in surrounding counties, SAVE on Long Distance fees when you submit three (3) or more nearby addresses!