Personal Delivery Required

Serving an Individual πŸ‘€

While all Service in NYS is considered "Personal Service," Individual Service requires a Process Server to serve ONLY the respondent DIRECTLY (personal delivery required). No third party may accept service on the respondent's behalf, and no other method of Service is permitted.

A Process Server from ROC Paper Service will update you within 24 hours of each attempt or immediately if requested, and make up to three (3) attempts, on three (3) different days, at three (3) different times of day, including one (1) weekend day.

If someone chooses to willfully evade Service, they may eventually find themselves in the position of having to explain themselves or lose something important as a result of having done so.

As a Civil Process Serving Company with a knack for finding and Serving individuals who are difficult to locate, one thing we don't go looking for is trouble. While we're better prepared than most to deal with situations that "go sideways," if you believe the Respondent may react aggressively or violently (i.e., try to "shoot the messenger"), the Monroe County Sheriff's Civil Bureau or the corresponding agency within your jurisdiction may be able to help.

A Process Server will indicate whether they asked the respondent if they're an active member of the military, as well as provide a physical description of the respondent on the Affidavit of Service.

Hiding behind an intercom or refusing to open the door won't prohibit Service; Spector v. Berman.

A notarized affidavit will be provided within one (1) to three (3) business days at no additional cost.