Service of Process Upon a Business

Substitute Service may be accepted by anyone who is of age or authorized, including corporate or government representatives.

Serving a Business

Routine Service is also referred to as Substituted Service (a Sub-Serve), meaning that anyone on the premises who is of age or authorized may accept service on behalf of the respondent, be it a person, business, corporation, or government entity.

Whether the documents are to be delivered to a business or a person at their home, yet still considered "routine," a Process Server may be required to make up to three (3) attempts, on three (3) different days, at three (3) different times of day.

In the event that anyone authorized and of age is unavailable, we can also ensure that one (1) of the attempts includes a weekend day before requesting permission to affix documents to the door in a sealed envelope marked personal & confidential, as well as mail a copy via USPS First Class Mail.