Service of Process Upon a Business

Substitute Service may be accepted by anyone who is of age or authorized, including corporate or government representatives.

Serving a Business

While all Service of Process throughout all New York is considered "Routine," there are distinctions between Business & Personal Service with regard to pricing, commensurate with the effort required.

A "Business Serve" is one where a location is open and someone is authorized to accept Service of Legal Process on behalf of the entity (business, government, religious organization, etc.) during normal business hours. This type of Service requires all the steps be followed while only requiring a single trip / visit (attempt) to complete.

Routine Service is also commonly referred to as Substitute Service (a Sub-Serve), meaning that anyone on the premises who is of age or authorized may accept service on behalf of the Respondent, be it a person, business, corporation, or government entity.

Personal Service, or Service Upon an Individual (Personal Delivery Required) can in many instances requires multiple attempts to catch someone at home. A Process Server may be required to make up to three (3) attempts, on three (3) different days, at three (3) different times of day.

How an address is zoned also can play a role in determining how to bill a particular Serve. Service upon a business where the door is always open is far easier than someone who lists their home office as their business address, and purposefully makes it difficult to tell whether or not they're home.

In the event that anyone authorized and of age is unavailable, we can also ensure that one (1) of the attempts includes a weekend day before requesting permission to affix documents to the door in a sealed envelope marked personal & confidential, as well as mail a copy via USPS First Class Mail.