On One's Own Behalf


Choosing To Represent Yourself

When a person pursues a legal matter without an attorney, they're referred to as a "pro se" litigant.

The two types of Pro se litigants we most commonly interact with are landlords and property managers who need to evict a tenant, and parents & family members with disputes in Family Court.

Many of the calls we receive from people who are handling their own cases come with questions, and our first answer is always "We are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice. With that understanding, we're happy to have a conversation with you about Serving your documents!"

Proceeding Without Legal Counsel

Pro se litigants are held to the same standard as an attorney, and have the additional responsibility to both research and present their argument in an often unfamiliar procedural environment.


How We Complete Service

Family Court (for example) may require the petitioner to have a respondent Served (that's where we come in) by personal delivery. This may require us to expedite your request depending on the court date, check multiple addresses, or drive long distances depending on the location & situation.

Requirements for Service of Process in NY are described within the Civil Practice Law & Rules (CPLR).

Once Service of Process has been effected, proof must be provided to the court in the form of a signed & notarized Affidavit of Service. It contains the sworn statement of the Process Server, and is the resulting tangible product generated by a request for Service of Process.

A link to the scanned copy of the signed & notarized original will be emailed, and the original document will be mailed to you via USPS Certified Mail upon completion. 

Pro Tip:

If you're shopping around for a Process Server, be sure to ask if they charge extra for mileage, printing, or the signed & notarized affidavit of service returned to you via USPS Certified Mail.


Court Filing

Pro se litigants are held to the same standard as attorneys, and may be required to file the original signed & notarized affidavit of service with the court. With the exception of Notices of Petition & Petitions, we do not affidavits of service file directly with the courts.

Our courier service can provide a scanned copy of a stamped original by email, and the original document by mail to the client's address via USPS Certified Mail upon completion.


How To Get Started


Call the number on our contact page to confirm Rush Service if needed; or with other questions.


Download the Adobe Scan Tool with your mobile device to create PDF copies of your documents or visit your local public library for help scanning them free of charge!


Review our pricing information and make your purchase(s) via PayPal through our website.


Include your payment confirmation when you submit your PDF documents for Service along with any special instructions by email or secure form on our contact page; we'll get right to work!