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Our Clients

Attorneys, Law Firms, and Paralegals throughout all New York and from around the world expect Rochester Process Servers to ensure professional Service of Process, and to provide Proof of Service as well as a signed & notarized Affidavit of Service.

As members of the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS), NYSPPSA, and The ServeNow Network, we're relied on around the world and throughout all New York to Serve Rochester and nearby towns.

Big changes to how evictions in Rochester and throughout all New York may be Served went into effect in 2019, not long before the moratorium began. We specialize in eviction services throughout Rochester and Monroe County, New York.

Individuals representing themselves in a Small Claims, Divorce or Family Court proceeding receive the same premier level of support that our professional clients throughout all New York and around the world depend on. We Serve Rochester!

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Get Documents Served in New York

When there's no time to lose, Rochester Process Servers are ready to Serve Rochester within 24 hours of receipt of your documents, and provide a signed & notarized Affidavit of Service upon completion.

We Serve Rochester and all New York including Monroe County as well as surrounding counties within +/- sixty (60) miles. Service of Process is available in all 50 states. Rates may vary.

When Service of Process in New York must be delivered personally, as is often the case during Divorce or Family Court proceedings, a Process Server may not simply "tape it to the door" or "Serve anyone who answers the door."

Often referred to as "Substitute Service" a respondent can be served via third party; anyone who is of age or authorized to accept on behalf of the respondent, including government or corporate representatives.

Property Managers throughout all New York rely on rents to support their businesses. The eviction process in Rochester, NY can be tricky to navigate, and there can be significant consequences if the eviction process is not strictly adhered to.

We'll post your Notice of Sale in three (3) nearby public places, then attend the foreclosure auction. We'll bid on your behalf, take detailed notes, complete the sale documentation with the referee, and report the results immediately thereafter.

Attorneys & Law Firms often utilize Rochester Process Servers to retrieve documents, deliver or file them, scan & return copies, request old case files & provide copies, and other related tasks that Process Servers are uniquely qualified to execute.

Skip Trace Services provide updated information regarding a Respondent's whereabouts by searching online databases & directories, social media platforms, and may also include traditional investigative methods & resources.

What To Expect

Your Rochester Process Server will keep you informed at all times!

GPS Date and Time Stamped Photos included by your local Process Server.

Your local Process Server will include a notarized affidavit upon completion.

Mileage, printing, and USPS First Class & Certified Mail are included!

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As a Professional Process Server, sales training can be far more practical than tactical training. Along with organization and time management skills, the ability to quickly build rapport with all kinds of people and politely ask direct questions that will lead to a successful Serve make all the difference.

Service of Process happens very quickly, and the ability to retain information regarding the physical descriptions (which may include age, race, gender, height, weight, hair color, eye color, whether or not they wore glasses, and other distinguishing features & characteristics) along with detailed note taking is critical for accurate reporting.

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