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Our Clients

Attorneys & Paralegals

Law Firms

Attorneys & Paralegals often work with a local Process Server on behalf of their clients to ensure timely Service of Legal Process, and receive independent Proof of Service as well as a Notarized Affidavit of Service.

National Association of Professional Process Servers

Process Servers

Members of the National Assoiation of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) trust and depend on us to act as their local Process Server, and to complete local Service of Legal Process and other related tasks on their behalf.

Property Managers

Save 10% on all 14 Day Notices ! Big changes to the evictions process in New York State went into effect in 2019, including longer deadlines, more paperwork, and loss of fees to offset costs.

Pro-Se Individuals need the same support that law firms rely on.


For individuals who are required by the Court(s) to ensure that the opposing party has been served with papers, ROC Paper Service provides the professional support that law firms & property managers rely on.

Process Server

Process Servers are an "essential business," and (we) have adopted CDC guidelines as standard operating procedure to protect ourselves and our community.

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Service of Process is available in all 50 states. Rates may vary.

Services Available

Rush Service Available

When there's no time to lose, a local Process Server will move quickly to guarantee their first attempt be made within 24 hours of receipt, and paperwork submitted within 24 hours of completion.

ROC Paper Service | Service Area

Our local service area includes Rochester, NY & Monroe County, and surrounding areas up to sixty (60) miles away. Request a custom quote for nationwide service.

Personal Delivery Required

Also referred to as "Individual Service," the respondent must be served personally. A Process Server MUST ask if they're in the military & provide a description of the respondent on the Affidavit of Service.

Substitute Service | Anyone Authorized May Accept

Often referred to as "Substituted Service" a respondent may be served via third party; anyone who is of age or authorized to accept on behalf of the respondent, including government or corporate, representatives.

14 Day Notice(s) | Notice(s) of Petition

Property Managers rely on rents to support their businesses. A professional Process Server will ensure that 14 Day Notice(s) and Notice(s) of Petition are served and filed correctly.

Notice(s) of Sale | Foreclosure Sale Attendance

When a property goes into foreclosure it must be auctioned to the highest bidder. A Process Server will "post (a Notice of Sale) in three (3) public places" and attend Foreclosure Auction(s), take copious notes, & bid as instructed.

Document Filing & Delivery | Court Research & Document Retrieval

A local Process Server will pick up your documents and deliver or file them, and scan & return a stamped copy of the first page to you at no additional cost, as well as request old case files & provide copies for you when ready.

Process Server Private Investigations

Beyond the initial attempt to verify an address, searching for a respondent may include various online directories & social media platforms, checking with old neighbors, family, friends, colleagues, and use of other investigative methods & resources.

Process Server Pricing in Rochester, NY

What To Expect

Your Process Server will send regular updates by email.

Your local Process Server will keep you informed every step of the way.

GPS Date & Time Stamped Photos Included.

GPS, Date, and Time Stamped Photos included by your local Process Server.

Notarized Affidavit of Service included upon completion.

Your local Process Server will include a notarized affidavit upon completion.

No Hidden Fees | No Mileage Fees | USPS First Class & Certified Mail Included

Mileage, (+/-) 50 pages. and First Class & Certified Mail are included!

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